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SAILBOOK - Connecting the Sailing World
SAILBOOK is not only a website. SAILBOOK is a database that allows you to link information, the way it is useful to you. You can register as a sailor, link the ships on which you sail with your personal profile, connect with your crew, and find new crewmembers. You can archieve past regattas along with your sailing experience and so bit by bit make SAILBOOK an individual tool.
Regatta Calendar
The public regatta calendar is the key aspect of SAILBOOK. Here you can find a lot of regattas worldwide. You can look for all relevant data of a regatta or inform yourself about what is sailed when and where. You can search for regattas in a certain sailing area, a class or a specific date. Or you create a regatta yourself.
In your profile you can see your personal information: your upcoming sailing dates and the past regattas in which you have participated. You can make your profile visible only to your skipper and your crew, or available to SAILBOOK-members if you are for example applying for a crew job.
As the yacht owner, you can see in your profile the data relating to you and your yacht: you can enter your ship for regattas, put together your crew, fix a date for personal events with your crew or create a to-do list for your ship.
Yacht Management
Yacht owners or managers can use this area to plan the necessary work on the ship. You can keep up with to-do lists, distribute work to your crew, or place orders, specifically tailored to the features of your yacht, to professional companies near you.
Crew Management
As owner or crew manager you can schedule the crew for a regatta or a cruise by setting an appointment. Each crew member can see it and sign up if they are interested. You can then confirm the messages of those you want to take with you, and always keep track of additions and cancellations.
In our blog you will find regularly updated news on regatta sailing events and cruising trips as well as news from our sailing community.